4.05: Twilight

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Skystripe: Fuckboy Ashfur is such a fun version of Ashfur.
Sparrowheart: So messy.
Skystripe: And as evidenced by the fact that we are on the fourth season of this... we do love mess.

A show about Warrior Cats, hosted by Scout Wilkinson and Jillian Zaski, edited and produced by AJ Fillari.

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  • (00:00) - Clan meeting!
  • (06:45) - How's the Prey Runnin'?
  • (19:23) - Summary of Twilight
  • (23:28) - Twilight
  • (53:43) - The Erin Corner
  • (55:51) - Sharing Tongues
  • (59:31) - Warrior Cats of the Week
  • (01:02:25) - Meeting adjourned!
4.05: Twilight
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